Homcide Prevention Specialist

Position Description

The Center for Homicide Research is seeking motivated students for internships. Positions offer experience in data collection, data analysis, critical thought, & scholarship. Homicide Prevention Specialists research, analyze, and identify points for intervention in homicide using comprehensive or targeted prevention programs, as well as network with community stakeholders.

Students will be trained and supported in the Center’s research methodologies, provided access to electronic records, systems, and archives, and be encouraged to interact with outside agencies and officials.

Office Hours

The Center’s office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of the intern will vary depending on the skills and interest of each student and the needs of the Center at the time of the internship. The following list may serve as an illustration of some of the duties an intern might be expected to perform, but should not be considered all-inclusive:

  • Identify and collect homicide prevention program documentations
  • Critically analyze program effectiveness
  • Organize intellectual discussions concerning new prevention strategies
  • Identify points for intervention in prevention programs
  • Network with community stakeholders regarding homicide interventions
  • Educate the public and key stakeholders about homicide prevention public policy options

Time Requirement

The total number of hours required to complete the internship is 160. These hours can be spread out to total 6-15 hours per week, however the internship should be completed within 6 months. Internships longer than six months may be approved at the discretion of the Principle Researcher.

Training Provided

Each student will attend a three-hour orientation session. At least six hours of training will occur relating to the student’s specific duties. Optional ongoing training opportunities will also be available.


Students will be under the direct supervision of the Center’s Principal Researcher. Other staff may assist as needed.

Work Site

The Center’s office is located at 3036 University Avenue SE Suite E in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Other designated sites may also be used depending on specific assignments or scheduled training.

Qualifications Desired

  • Desire to become familiar with research methods of obtaining and maintaining homicide research data
  • Enrolled in and actively engaged in a college or university educational system
  • Successful background check with no felony or violent convictions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of client information and homicide case records
  • Ability to establish and maintain accurate records
  • Computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Ability to work independently within organizational and program policies and procedures
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a courteous and professional manner
  • Ability to function well within a group with a variety of people

Internship Application Information:

To apply, please click here to be taken to the application form. Also email your resume and cover letter to the Principal Researcher at: dallas.drake@homicidecenter.org. Interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants.

Anyone interested in learning more about interning is encouraged to contact Dallas Drake via e-mail.