Summer Internship Institute

The Summer Internship Institute is NOT available for 2019. Please apply next year.

Each summer the Center for Homicide Research offers internship placement within an intensive learning environment. Students typically travel within a small cohort of about 10-12 other students. Students are training in the Center’s methodologies to work on diverse projects to support the prevention and solving of homicides across the United States. Start and end dates are flexible, though most students have started by June 1st and many finish by July 31st. Students typically complete between 250-450 hours. Preference is given to full-time students. Half-time students generally time-share with another student, meaning that if one student works mornings, the other works afternoons. All internships require the same application process. Fill out the general internship application. Submit it electronically along with a resume and cover letter.

Internship Application Information:

To apply, please click here to be taken to the application form. Also email your resume and cover letter to the Principal Researcher at: Interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants.

Anyone interested in learning more about interning is encouraged to contact Dallas Drake via e-mail.