Yale Student Placement

Yale Student Internships

The Center for Homicide Research offers placement to Yale University students through Bulldogs Across America. For the past 13 years, the Bulldogs program has changed the lives of 1,061 Yale students by providing meaningful work experiences, lifelong friendships and exposure to unique parts of the country, including Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The mission of Bulldogs Across America is to create and support alumni sponsored internship programs that are sustainable by the local community. In addition, the programs will provide meaningful internships, free or low cost housing, a comprehensive set of high content events and presentations which illuminate the host community, and profound personal engagement of alumni and interns. It is a significant educational and maturing experience for the participants and one they will regard as invaluable in their Yale career.

The Homicide Research Internship

Internships for Yale students provide a unique opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom to create a real-world difference. While at the Center, you will learn everything you need to know about the homicide problem, and about how to conduct world-class research. You will have an opportunity to develop expert researching skills. You will be challenged to build leadership within a heavily mentored environment. The Center is fertile intellectual ground for unleashing and testing new ideas and developing your own style of critical thought.

Internship candidates typically come from majors such as sociology, psychology, criminology, criminal justice, and law. Occasionally the intellectual environment is invigorated with majors in art history, statistics, political science, public health, GIS or global studies. The real question is whether you can handle working with so many really smart people. Homicide research, and the prevention of homicide, really is a multi-disciplinary study.

How To Apply

Applications for internships with the Bulldogs Across America program are submitted through eRecruiting on Yale’s Undergraduate Services website.

Summer in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis, known as City of the Lakes, offers a lush urban environment with several in-city lakes and some of the best public parks and nature trails city living has to offer. We are also known for being a bike-friendly city. Bicycle the Midtown Greenway, or cruise through the neighborhoods toward downtown for night out in the Theater-district. We nearly have more theaters than churches. Uptown offers evening dining out and is within a few blocks of the chain of lakes including Lake Calhoun. Or ride the light-rail all the way to the Mall of America for some heavy duty shopping.

Bulldogs Across America says, Most Minnesotans spend Summer outside at concerts, festivals, outdoor cafes, parks or lakes. Minneapolis and St. Paul have many bike trails that wind along the Mississippi River and connect with several large lakes in town. For students who may not be familiar with this type of Summer climate or in-town amenities, we encourage you to come to the Twin Cities.