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Join the Center in Observing Harvey Milk Day

The Center for Homicide Research joins thousands from across the globe to honor the memory of Harvey Milk and celebrate his life story, message and legacy. Join us in observing Harvey Milk Day and learn more about the Center’s important research on LGBT homicide. “Hope will never be silent.” – Harvey Milk

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Homicides in San Francisco

Many readers may find this information quite interesting. In the early 1970’s gay people flocked to the City of San Francisco as a place of refuge from the stifling oppression in other parts of the country. As the gay community emerged, so did the killings of GLBT people. But, was there a pattern to these […]

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Center Researcher Trains Homicide and Death Investigators

Center for Homicide Research’s Principal Researcher Dallas Drake recently presented on homicide in the LGBT community at the 13th Annual Homicide Conference. More than 80 law enforcement professionals and homicide investigators attended Drake’s four-hour lecture and discussion to identify, understand and investigate homicides involving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender offenders and victims. This presentation is […]

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