Case Review

The Center offers homicide investigative analysis and advice. Our principal researcher is well positioned to review aspects of the investigation, whether to ensure vital procedural steps have not been missed, or to employ someone with a fresh perspective. Dallas Drake has studied homicide for over 15 years and endured hundreds of hours of training. He has published ground-breaking work on necrophilia, LGBT homicide, and sexual homicide. All consultations are confidential! They range from brief phone conversations to in-person evidence evaluation and discussion. There is no charge, though agency visits are at the discretion of the reviewer.

For many investigators sexual and sex-related homicides are not their specialty. The Center can provide a fresh perspective on gay homicide cases and provide unique insight to assist in active investigations of gay, or suspected gay, homicide cases. Because of the apparent infrequency of sexual homicide, many investigators may need assistance in interpreting the sometimes bizarre, and often undetectable, case evidence.

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