Police Shootings Databases

Several databases exist detailing homicide by and against police officers. They are listed below. The Center for Homicide Research does not endorse any of the above databases. This list is for informational purposes only and use of any of these data sources must be undertaken with caution after having read the methodology for each one. Pay particular attention to terminology to differentiate between “shooting” versus “killing.”

Annual Discharge Report – New York Police Department

Deadspin Police-Shooting Database

Department of Justice (no name yet) – Announced in October of 2016

Fatal Encounters

Fatal Shootings by Utah law Enforcement

Fatal Force – Washington Post

Fatal Officer-Involved Shootings in San Diego County, 1980-2017

Idaho Officer-Involved Fatal Shootings

IMPD Police Action Shootings – Indianapolis Star

Jacksonville, FL

Killed By Police

Law Enforcement Shootings Since 2007 – Tulsa World, Oklahoma

Line of Fire – Palm Beach, FL

Mapping Police Violence

Phoenix-area Police Shootings 2016 – AZ

Officer Down Memorial Page

Officer-Involved Shooting Database – Orlando, FL

Over the Line – GA

Police Department Officer-Involved Shootings – Houston

Police Shootings Database – Massachusetts CopBlock

Police Use of Deadly Force in Maine 1990-2012

San Diego Stolen Lives Database 1980-Present

SFPD Officer-Involved Shootings – KQED

Shot by Chicago Police

SHOT Project (Statistics Help Officer Tactics)

The Virginian Pilot Police Shootings Database

When Police Fire – Dayton, OH

Why Cops Shoot – Tampa Bay Times, Florida


The following databases include in-custody deaths in addition to officer-involved shootings:

Officer-Involved Shooting Incidents – Texas Justice Initiative

The Counted: People Killed by Police in the US – The Guardian



Use of Force Policy Database