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Center Researcher Trains Homicide and Death Investigators

Center for Homicide Research’s Principal Researcher Dallas Drake recently presented on homicide in the LGBT community at the 13th Annual Homicide Conference. More than 80 law enforcement professionals and homicide investigators attended Drake’s four-hour lecture and discussion to identify, understand and investigate homicides involving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender offenders and victims.

This presentation is part of the Center’s efforts to assist and education law enforcement and criminal justice professionals on issues related to homicides involving LGBT people.  In addition to conference presentation such as this, Drake is also available to provide individualized training and workshops for specific agencies and to provide confidential consultations on active and cold cases.

Drake’s seminar was part of a three-day conference entitled “Confronting the Specter of Murder: Tips. Tools. Techniques.” More than 120 professionals attended the conference.  This regional training was presented by the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and drew attendees from across the United States and Canada.


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