GIS Internship

GIS Homicide Mapping Internship

The Center for Homicide Research is seeking motivated students for internships that specialize in GIS skill development. Positions offer experience in data collection, data preparation and manipulation, data analysis, critical thought, & scholarship. GIS Interns compile and prepare homicide data and conduct spatial analyses of homicide victims and offenders in Minnesota and the United States.

Students will be trained and mentored in the Center’s research methodologies, provided access to electronic records archives and GIS data systems including ESRI Arc-map, and guided through an individually constructed internship.

Duties of the intern will vary depending on the skills and interest of each student and the needs of the Center at the time of the internship. The following list may serve as an illustration of some of the duties an intern might be expected to perform, but should not be considered all-inclusive:

  • Identify appropriate GIS data sources using selection criteria.
  • Collect homicide case data from archival sources, online databases, and public agencies.
  • Manipulate and prepare homicide data into usable geo-databases.
  • Analyze homicide and other crime data, searching for trends and patterns
  • Participate in group discussions and theory development.
  • Construct short presentations of results using maps or PowerPoint slides
  • Write short reports detailing progress made and indicating what research actions have been taken.


  • Must support Center for Homicide Research’s mission
  • Must possess ability to use internet for research
  • Must possess good interpersonal communication and writing skills
  • Must pass a criminal background check including no felony or violent convictions


Intern must commit to 5-10 hours of work per week. Scheduling is flexible including business hours Monday through Friday with an option of Saturday hours.

The total number of hours required to complete the internship is 160. These hours can be spread out to total 6-15 hours per week, however the internship should be completed within 6 months.

Internship Application Information:

To apply, please click here to be taken to the application form. Also email your resume and cover letter to the Principal Researcher at: Interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants.

Anyone interested in learning more about interning is encouraged to contact Dallas Drake via e-mail.