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Homicide Investigator’s Intensive Study Program

Investigators looking for an opportunity to advance their understanding of the phenomenon of homicide have a new opportunity at the Center for Homicide Research. The Center now offers an individualized, intensive study program tailored to meet the needs of both experienced and new homicide investigators. This program is called the Homicide Investigator’s Intensive Study Program.

This unique opportunity offers a learning sabbatical  for investigators, away from the front lines, where they can develop an advanced understanding of the homicide event and its analysis. The program offers investigators a retreat to step away from the daily pressures of investigations to reevaluate their own effectiveness and investigational procedures. This program offers the chance to learn about new research as well as proven tactics.

Topics available include:

  • Lethality: What makes killing successful?
  • Paraphilias: Investigating the deviant homicide
  • Gay/Lesbian Homicide: Solving the fatal encounter
  • Expressive Homicide: Investigation of symbolic attacks
  • Anti-social Semiotics: Signs of killing
  • Missing Victim Homicides: Adults play hide & seek
  • Crime-mapping: Connecting all the dots
  • Police and the Media: Taming the news dragon
  • Deviant Homicides: Sex on the brain
  • Increasing Solvability: Achieving 100% clearance
  • Creating Small Investigational Databases: In under 48 hours
  • Police Role in Homicide Prevention: Comprehensive policing

For specialized training needs or other topics, please contact the Center and allow for adequate lead time.

On-site Immersion

There is no cost to this program except your own travel and accommodations expense.  The Center provides an immersion-style seminar, with structured learning, as well as independent study. Participants will have access to the Center’s resource library with more than 1,700 books, an extensive vertical file, and 16 different journals. Programs can vary from one-half to five days in length. Topics are arranged in advance.


For the most flexibility in learning, we suggest you might like an online learning experience. Save the cost of travel. Take advantage of training with personalized, or small group learning. Training occurs using Zoom. Presentations occur using a shared screen and live conversational question and answer. Some discussions can occur using email, with time allocated for reading technical documents. Integration and assessment is via short essay papers. Currently, there is no fee.

To discuss the program and enrollment, please contact Dallas Drake via email.

Intensive Study Program Brochure


The Center for Homicide Research offers one of the finest internship programs in the United States. Distanced-based electronic internships begin in Fall of 2020. Qualifying students come from undergraduate, graduate and law schools.

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