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GLBT Homicide Analysis

The Center for Homicide Research conducted an in-depth statistical analysis of its GLBT Homicide Database in 2006. This study combines data analysis from CHR itself and from the FBI’s database. When looking at the demographic makeup of gay homicides, several key findings stick out. The CHR found that from gay...

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Staged Hunting Mishaps and Criminal Homicide

In May 1988 a lesbian couple, camping along the Appalachian Trail were shot by a cave-dwelling mountain man who came across them engaged in intimate activity. One victim died at the scene and the other suffered serious injuries. When approached by the authorities the offender initially claimed the shooting had...

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Drowning the Smiley Face Murder Theory

A theory has developed that credits the drowning deaths of a number of young men in the Midwest and Northeastern United States to the work of a serial homicide offender. In 1999, journalists first reported that college-aged students were drowning in rivers after an evening of heavy drinking (Maller). These...

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Accidental Discharges by the Police

With the enactment of new laws and a national debate on whether teachers should be armed, the Center for Homicide Research examined the issue of accidental discharges by schoolteachers. Researchers found that one group of current firearm users were also experiencing accidental discharges – the police. Firearm advocates propose that...

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