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2021 “In ‘heartbreaking’ year, 34 homicides in St. Paul match most on record in the city.” Mara Gottfried, St. Paul Pioneer Press. January 3.

2020 “Is U.S. crime wave due to ‘Minneapolis Effect’?” Tom Lyden, Fox9 KMSP. September 28.

2019 “What to do when persecuted.” Dennis, Pine Grove Community Church [blog], November 28.

2019 “Homicide researcher reacts to Twin Cities murders.” Jessica Miles, Eyewitness News (ABC).
September 30.

2019 “Meet the gay Twin Cities cops who straddle the rift between police, community. Susan Du, City
June 12.

2019 “As violence rises at
places of worship, faith leaders promote safety.” Kali Venable. Victoria
, February 23.

2019 “The Insane Details of the Smiley Face Killers Theory.” Hannah Chambers, Cosmopolitan. January 18.

2018 “When the ‘good guy with a gun’ happens to be in a church, are worshippers safer?” Jennifer Graham, Deseret News, August 3.

2018 “Are churches safer when worshippers are armed?” Jennifer Graham, Deseret News, August 3.

2018 “At a church security seminar: Guns, God and ‘get those heads up when you pray.” Hailey
Branson-Potts, Los Angeles Times, May 22.

2018 “Secrets of the River.” Christopher Jenkins Death Investigation. Breaking Homicide, Investigation Discovery (TV), Season 1, Episode 3 (49:30), part II; April 29.

2017 “What do you do with a church building that has witnessed tragedy? Bob Ditmer. Church Leaders.com. November 13.

2018 “Shielding the services: Allegany sheriff’s program aims to secure houses of worship.” Michael
A. Sawyers, Cumberland Times-News. January 4.

2017 “Evangelical Pastor: The Church Should Help Keep Guns From Abusers.” Rob Schenck, Time. November 9.

2017 “The shooting at First Baptist church is an attack on all people of faith. William J. Barber and
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. NBC News. November 7.

2017 “Blood on the altar: The rise of sanctuary shootings.” (episode 11/6). Clyde Lewis. Ground Zero.com. November 6.

2017 “Church shootings are becoming much more common.” Francie Diep. Pacific Standard. November 6.

2017 “Are American churches under attack.” CNN. News Editor. November 6.

2017 “The truth about church shootings.” Daniel Burke. CNN. November 6.

2017 “‘Evil has invaded sanctuary’: Texas massacre likely the worst church shooting in U.S. history.”
Kristine Phillips and Sarah Pulliam Bailey. Washington Post. November 6.

2017 “Church shootings are so common that there’s a database for them.” Lila MacLellan. Quartz. November 5.

2017 “Nashville church shooting: What happens when violence invades sacred spaces.” Holly Meyer.   USA Today. September 25.

2017 “This Report Says More LGBT People Were Killed So Far In 2017 Than In All Of 2016.” Nidhi Prakash. BuzzFeed News. August 10.

2017 “Sister of shooting victim: she couldn’t be target.” Maria H. Gottfried, St. Paul Pioneer Press. June 6.

2017 “17-year-old shot dead in St. Paul couldn’t have been targeted, her sister says.” Maria H. Gottfried, St. Paul Pioneer Press. June 5.

2017 “The Center for Homicide Research is on a quest to end murder.” Hannah Jones. City Pages (Minneapolis). April 6.

2016 “Students gain rare look into medical examiner records to document all Minnesota homicides.” Kelly Smith, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) July 28.

2016 “Why debunked ‘Smiley Face’ killer theory emerged in Hudson River deaths.” Laura Herzog. New Jersey.com. February 8.

2015 “A silver lining is revealed, years on.” Ruben Rosario. St. Paul Pioneer Press. P. 1B, January 15.

2015 “Minneapolis
residents, data tell different stories of crime.” Libor Jany. Star Tribune
(Minneapolis), January 12.

2014 “Quand les enseignants américains s’arment.” Marie-Claude Malboeuf. LaPresse (France). December 8.


Older Stories:

The Crime Report – August 2014 

“Should Teachers Be Armed?” by Staff Report

Village News (Harris County, TX) – October 2012 

“This Harris County Sheriff’s Office Team Are Heroes to Grieving Families as They Tackle and Solve Cold Case Files.” by Michelle Leigh Smith

MLive.com (Flint Journal, MI) – September 2012 

“Flint’s Homicide Epidemic: Do You Feel Safe in Flint? Take Our Poll.” by Gary Ridley

MLive.com (Flint Journal, MI) – September 2012 

“Flint’s Homicide Epidemic: 86 Percent of Homicides Occurred Within Three Days of Another.” by David Harris

News Radio 620 WTMJ (Milwaukee) – 2012 

“Interview regarding the Smiley Face Murder Theory.”  by Erik Bilstad

Kettering University Radio (Flint, MI) – March 2012 

“Interview about homicide in Flint.” by Tom Sumner

Star Tribune (Minneapolis) – January 2012 

“Adjusting homicides for population.” by Steve Brandt

The Crime Report – January 2012 

“MN homicide research center works with FBI on weapons study.” by Staff Report

Huffington Post: Gay Voices – January 2012 

“Our Community’s Lack of Internal Cohesion May Contribute to LGBTQ Suicides.” by Phil Miner

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St. Paul Pioneer Press – January 2012 

“Haunted by One Killing, Researcher Studies Thousands.” by Ruben Rosario

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Pipe Dream – November 2011

“Experts Discuss Sexual Homicide.”

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New Channel 34 ABC/NBC – November 2011

“Binghamton University Hosts Sexual Homicide Conference.”

Unfinished Lives: Remembering LGBT Hate Crime Victims – November 2011

“Detroit Trans Teen’s Remains Found Burned Near Interstate.”

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Youtube – November 2011

“Dallas Drake – HRC 2011 Brian Coyle Leadership Award”

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – November 2011

“Why the GLBT Community Gets Burned.” by Phil Miner

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – October 2011

“Dangerous Precedent: HIV-Positive Man Convicted for Infecting His Informed, Consenting Partner.” by Phil Miner

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – October 2011

“LGBT Homicide: Case Overload”

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City Pages – January 2011

“Chrissie Bates’s cause of death: complex homicidal violence.” by Erin Carlyle

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Flint Journal – December 2010

“Flint homicide study: Killings spread like ‘epidemic.’” by David Harris

PFLAG – 2009

“Memorial to Matthew Shepard.” [Suicide comments] PFLAG – Sioux Falls, SD

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City Pages – October 2009  

“Man pleads guilty to Wally Lundin murder.” by Erin Carlyle

Star Tribune – July 2009

“6 Months in, and only 6 homicides in Minneapolis.” by Chao Xiong

City Pages – April 2009  

Rommal Bennett’s trial revisits spate of gay murders in the Twin Cities: Case could solve August 1996 slaying of Wally Lundin.” by Erin Carlyle

Gay Blogger – January 2009

“Police Seek Killer of Gay Broward Man.” by Gay Blogger

Washington Post – December 2008

“More Get Away With Murder, Despite Technology.” by Karen Hawkins

Las Vegas Weekly – August 2008

“Subprime = Subcrime?” by Damon Hodge

City Pages – August 2008

“Has the foreclosure crisis pacified Minneapolis’ most dangerous neighborhoods? Murder rates are down and sketchy spots are seeing crime overall dip.” by Bradley Campbell

Florida Sun-Sentinel – July 2008

“Police scrutinize Miramar murder victim’s online dating account for clues.” by Macollvie Jean-Francois

Omaha World Herald – April 2008

“Unsolved cases are not forgotten.” by Maggie O’Brien

Omaha World Herald – April 2008

“Omaha cold case unit to investigate unsolved Nebraska homicides.” by Maggie O’Brien

KARE 11 Extra – June 2007 

“North Minneapolis: Hope for the Future”

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Lavender Magazine – June 9, 2006 

“Pride Award Center for Homicide Research”

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KFAI Radio – April 27, 2006

WCCO-TV – November 17, 2005

Express News – October 7, 2005 

“Are Older Gay Men Targets of Violence?”
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LivingOUT – December 15, 2004 

Piecing Together the Puzzle”

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GLBT Press – February 26, 2004

“Prestigious Publisher Adds First GLBT Title; By Local Gay Public Admins”

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Minnesota Gay Homicide Study (prior to 2004)

Lavender Magazine – October 31-November 13, 2003 

“Minnesota Gay Homicide Study Helps Solve New Zealand Gay Murder”

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Archeion: Newsletter of the Stonewall Library – September 2003

“Researchers from the Minnesota Gay Homicide Study Visit Stonewall”

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The Michelangelo Signorile Show – June 27, 2003

San Francisco Examiner – June 12, 2003 

“Why Are They Killed”

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Being Gay Today TV Show – June 2003

KinPride TV Show – April 2002

Lavender Magazine – November 15, 2002 

“Minnesota Gay Homicide Study; Dallas Drake Knows More About GLBT Murder Than Anyone Else

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Burnsville This Week Newspaper – August 4, 2001

“Studying Gay Homicide is Firefighter’s New Pursuit”

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