Homicide Center

The Crime Report – August 2014 

“Should Teachers Be Armed?” by Staff Report

Village News (Harris County, TX) – October 2012 

“This Harris County Sheriff’s Office Team Are Heroes to Grieving Families as They Tackle and Solve Cold Case Files.” by Michelle Leigh Smith

MLive.com (Flint Journal, MI) – September 2012 

“Flint’s Homicide Epidemic: Do You Feel Safe in Flint? Take Our Poll.” by Gary Ridley

MLive.com (Flint Journal, MI) – September 2012 

“Flint’s Homicide Epidemic: 86 Percent of Homicides Occurred Within Three Days of Another.” by David Harris

News Radio 620 WTMJ (Milwaukee) – 2012 

“Interview regarding the Smiley Face Murder Theory.”  by Erik Bilstad

Kettering University Radio (Flint, MI) – March 2012 

“Interview about homicide in Flint.” by Tom Sumner

Star Tribune (Minneapolis) – January 2012 

“Adjusting homicides for population.” by Steve Brandt

The Crime Report – January 2012 

“MN homicide research center works with FBI on weapons study.” by Staff Report

Huffington Post: Gay Voices – January 2012 

“Our Community’s Lack of Internal Cohesion May Contribute to LGBTQ Suicides.” by Phil Miner

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St. Paul Pioneer Press – January 2012 

“Haunted by One Killing, Researcher Studies Thousands.” by Ruben Rosario

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Pipe Dream – November 2011

“Experts Discuss Sexual Homicide.”

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New Channel 34 ABC/NBC – November 2011

“Binghamton University Hosts Sexual Homicide Conference.”

Unfinished Lives: Remembering LGBT Hate Crime Victims – November 2011

“Detroit Trans Teen’s Remains Found Burned Near Interstate.”

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Youtube – November 2011

“Dallas Drake – HRC 2011 Brian Coyle Leadership Award”

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – November 2011

“Why the GLBT Community Gets Burned.” by Phil Miner

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – October 2011

“Dangerous Precedent: HIV-Positive Man Convicted for Infecting His Informed, Consenting Partner.” by Phil Miner

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Huffington Post: Gay Voices – October 2011

“LGBT Homicide: Case Overload”

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City Pages – January 2011

“Chrissie Bates’s cause of death: complex homicidal violence.” by Erin Carlyle

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Flint Journal – December 2010

“Flint homicide study: Killings spread like ‘epidemic.’” by David Harris

PFLAG – 2009

“Memorial to Matthew Shepard.” [Suicide comments] PFLAG – Sioux Falls, SD

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City Pages – October 2009  

“Man pleads guilty to Wally Lundin murder.” by Erin Carlyle

Star Tribune – July 2009

“6 Months in, and only 6 homicides in Minneapolis.” by Chao Xiong

City Pages – April 2009  

Rommal Bennett’s trial revisits spate of gay murders in the Twin Cities: Case could solve August 1996 slaying of Wally Lundin.” by Erin Carlyle

Gay Blogger – January 2009

“Police Seek Killer of Gay Broward Man.” by Gay Blogger

Washington Post – December 2008

“More Get Away With Murder, Despite Technology.” by Karen Hawkins

Las Vegas Weekly – August 2008

“Subprime = Subcrime?” by Damon Hodge

City Pages – August 2008

“Has the foreclosure crisis pacified Minneapolis’ most dangerous neighborhoods? Murder rates are down and sketchy spots are seeing crime overall dip.” by Bradley Campbell

Florida Sun-Sentinel – July 2008

“Police scrutinize Miramar murder victim’s online dating account for clues.” by Macollvie Jean-Francois

Omaha World Herald – April 2008

“Unsolved cases are not forgotten.” by Maggie O’Brien

Omaha World Herald – April 2008

“Omaha cold case unit to investigate unsolved Nebraska homicides.” by Maggie O’Brien

KARE 11 Extra – June 2007 

“North Minneapolis: Hope for the Future”

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Lavender Magazine – June 9, 2006 

“Pride Award Center for Homicide Research”

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KFAI Radio – April 27, 2006

WCCO-TV – November 17, 2005

Express News – October 7, 2005 

“Are Older Gay Men Targets of Violence?”
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LivingOUT – December 15, 2004 

Piecing Together the Puzzle”

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GLBT Press – February 26, 2004

“Prestigious Publisher Adds First GLBT Title; By Local Gay Public Admins”

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Minnesota Gay Homicide Study (prior to 2004)

Lavender Magazine – October 31-November 13, 2003 

“Minnesota Gay Homicide Study Helps Solve New Zealand Gay Murder”

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Archeion: Newsletter of the Stonewall Library – September 2003

“Researchers from the Minnesota Gay Homicide Study Visit Stonewall”

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The Michelangelo Signorile Show – June 27, 2003

San Francisco Examiner – June 12, 2003 

“Why Are They Killed”

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Being Gay Today TV Show – June 2003

KinPride TV Show – April 2002

Lavender Magazine – November 15, 2002 

“Minnesota Gay Homicide Study; Dallas Drake Knows More About GLBT Murder Than Anyone Else

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Burnsville This Week Newspaper – August 4, 2001

“Studying Gay Homicide is Firefighter’s New Pursuit”

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