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Homicide Books

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Crime and Criminology Books

A certain terror: heterosexism, militarism, violence and change
Richard Cleave; Patricia Myers; Richard Cleaver
© 1993 American Friends Service Committee

Abused men:  The hidden side of domestic violence
Philip W Cook; Philip W. Cook
© 1997  Conn. : Praeger

African American classics in criminology & criminal justice
Shaun L., 1967- Gabbidon; Shaun L. Gabbidon; Helen Taylor Greene; Vernetta D. Young
© 2002  Calif. : Sage

After homicide:  Practical and political responses to bereavement
Paul Elliott Rock
© 1998  Clarendon Press ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press

Armed robbery
Roger Matthews
© 2002  Devon

Bloodletters and badmen
Jay Robert Nash
© 1975  Warner Books

Burglars on the job:  Streetlife and residential break-ins
Richard Wright; Scott H Decker; Richard T. Wright; Scott H. Decker; Gilbert Geis
© 1994  Northeastern University Press

Chinatown gangs: Extortion, enterprise, and ethnicity (Studies in Crime and Public Policy):  Extortion, enterprise and ethnicity
Ko-Lin Chin
© 2000  Oxford University Press

Citizen involvement:  How community factors affect progressive policing
Mark E Correia; Mark E. Correia
© 2000  D.C.: Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

Constructing crime: Perspectives on making news and social problems:  Perspectives on making news and social problems
Gary W. Potter; Victor E. Kappeler
© 1998  Waveland Press

Crime and criminalization
Clayton A Hartjen; Clayton A. Hartjen
© 1978  Praeger Publishers

Crime victims:  An introduction to victimology
Andrew Karmen
© 1996  CA : Wadsworth Pub. Co.

Crimes of hate:  Selected readings
Phyllis B Gerstenfeld; Diana Ruth Grant; Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld; Diana R. Grant
© 2003  Calif. : Sage Publications

Criminal investigation
Charles R Swanson; Neil C., 1942- Chamelin; Charles R. Swanson; Neil C. Chamelin; Leonard Territo
© 2000  McGraw-Hill

Criminal justice today:  An introductory text for the twenty-first century
Frank Schmalleger; Frank, Ph.D. Schmalleger; Joan, Ph.D. Petersilia; Frank M. Schmalleger
© 2001  N.J. : Prentice Hall

Critical criminology:  Issues, debates, challenges
Kerry Carrington; Russell Hogg; Simon Fowler; Elliot Currie
© 2002  Devon

Cultural criminology and the carnival of crime
Mike Presdee; Gavin Carver
© 2000  New York : Routledge

Current perspectives on sex crimes
Ronald M Holmes; Stephen T Holmes; Ronald M. Holmes; Stephen T. Holmes
© 2001  Calif. : Sage Publications

Death investigation:  A handbook for police officers
Terry L Castleman; Terry L. Castleman
© 2000  Ill. : C.C. Thomas

Delinquency, crime, and social process
Donald Ray Cressey; David A., joint comp Ward
© 1969  Harper & Row

Deviance:  A symbolic interactionist approach
Nancy J Herman; Nancy J. Herman
© 1995  NY : General Hall

Deviance:  The interactionist perspective
Earl Rubington; Martin S Weinberg; Martin S. Weinberg
© 2002  Allyn and Bacon

Deviant behavior:  Crime, conflict, and interest groups
Charles H McCaghy; Timothy A Capron; J. D Jamieson; Charles H. McCaghy; Timothy A. Capron; D. Jamieson
© 2000  MA : Allyn and Bacon

Deviant knowledge: Criminology, politics and policy
Reece Walters
© 2003  Willan Publications

Drugs, behavior, and modern society
Charles F Levinthal; Charles F. Levinthal
© 2002  Allyn and Bacon

Encyclopedia of murder & violent crime
Eric W Hickey; Eric Hickey
© 2003  Clif. : Sage Publications

Entomology and death, a procedural guide
Neal Haskell; E. Paul Catts
© 1990  Forensic Entomology Associates

Erich Fromm and critical criminology: Beyond the punitive society
Kevin, 1948- Anderson; Erich, 1900- Staat als Erzieher. English Fromm; Erich, 1900- Zur Psychologie des Fromm; Kevin Anderson; Richard Quinney; Erich Staat Als Erzieher Fromm; Erich Zur Psychologie Des Verbrechers Und Der Strafenden Gesel Fromm
© 2000  University of Illinois Press

Faces of hate:  Hate crime in Australia
editors Chris Cunneen, David Fraser, Stephen Tomsen
Chris, 1953- Cunneen; David Cunneen; David Fraser; Stephen Tomsen; Chris Cunneen
© 1997  NSW : Hawkins Press

Force and fear: Robbery in Canada:  Robbery in Canada
Frederick J. DesRoches
© 2002  Canadian Scholars Press

Gender violence:  Interdisciplinary perspectives
Laura L O’Toole; Jessica R Schiffman; Laura L. O’Toole; Jessica R. Schiffman
© 1997  New York University Press

Hate crime:  The global politics of polarization
Robert J. Kelly; Jess Maghan
© 1978  Southern Illinois University Press

Hate crimes:  Criminal law & identity politics
James B Jacobs; James B. Jacobs; Kimberly Potter
© 1998  Oxford University Press

Hate crimes:  The rising tide of bigotry and bloodshed
Jack Levin; Jack McDevitt
© 1993  Plenum Press

Hate crimes revisited:  America’s war against those who are different
Jack Levin; Jack McDevitt
© 2002  Colo. : Westview

Hatred, murder, and male honour:  Anti-homosexual homicides in New South Wales, 1980-2000
Stephen Tomsen
© 2002  Australian Institute of Criminology

Homicidal encounters:  A study of homicide in Australia 1989-1999
Jenny Mouzos
© 2000  ACT: Australian Institute of Criminology

Martin Daly; Margo Wilson
© 1988  A. de Gruyter

Homicide:  A bibliography
Ernest L Abel; Ernest L. Abel
© 1987  Greenwood Press

Homicide:  A bibliography
Bal K Jerath; Rajinder Jerath; Bal K., 1921- Homicide, a bibliography of Jerath; Bal K., M.D. Jerath; Bal K. Homicide, a Bibliography of over 4,500 Items Jerath; Joel Claypool
© 1993  CRC Press

Homicide:  A sourcebook of social research
M. Dwayne Smith; Margaret A Zahn; Margaret A. Zahn
© 1999  Sage Publications

Homicide in an urban community
Robert C. Bensing; Oliver Schroeder
© 1960  Charles C Thomas Publishing

Homicide, a bibliography of over 4,500 items
Bal K Jerath; Paul E., M.S.W Larson; Jesse F Lewis; Bal K. Jerath
© 1982  Pine Tree Publications

Homicide: Perspectives on prevention
Nancy H Allen; Nancy H. Allen
© 1980  Human Sciences Press

Homophobia:  A history
Byrne R Fone; Byrne R. S. Fone; Byrne R. Fone; Byrne Fone
© 2000  Metropolitan Books

Homophobia:  A weapon of sexism
Suzanne Pharr; Susan G. Raymond
© 1988  Chardon Press

Homosexuality:  Research implications for public policy
John C Gonsiorek; James D Weinrich; John C. Gonsiorek; James D. Weinrich
© 1991  Sage Publications

Hostile climate ed. 8:  Report on anti-gay activity:  Report on anti-gay activity
2002  People for the American Way Foundation

The human side of homicide
Bruce L. Danto; John Bruhns; Austin Kutscher; Austin H. Kutscher
© 1982  Columbia University Press

In the name of hate:  Understanding hate crimes
Barbara Perry
© 2001  Routledge

Intimate violence in families
Richard J. Gelles
© 1997 Sage Publications

Introduction to criminology:  Theories, methods, and criminal behavior
Frank E Hagan; Frank E. Hagan
© 1998  Nelson-Hall Publishers

Justice:  Alternative political perspectives
James P Sterba; James P. Sterba
© 1999  Wadsworth

Juvenile justice
Robert W Drowns; Robert W. Drowns; Karen M. Hess
© 2000  Wadsworth

Kids who kill
Charles Patrick Ewing
© 1990  Mass. : Lexington Books

Latino homicide:  Immigration, violence, and community
Ramiro Martinez; Ramiro, Jr. Martinez
© 2002  Routledge

Male on male rape:  The hidden toll of stigma and shame
Michael Scarce
© 1997  Insight Books

Male prostitution
D West; Buz De Villiers; Buz De, Ba Villiers; Donald J., Md West; Donald J. West
© 1993  Haworth Press

Masculinities, crime, and criminology:  Men, heterosexuality, and the criminal(ised) other
Richard Collier
© 1998  Sage Publications

Mass hate:  The global rise of genocide and terror
Neil Jeffrey Kressel; Neil J. Kressel
© 1996  Plenum Press

Murder and the reasonable man:  Passion and fear in the criminal courtroom
Cynthia Lee
© 2003  New York University Press

Murder in America
Ronald M Holmes; Stephen T Holmes; Ronald M. Holmes; Stephen T. Holmes
© 1994  Sage Publications

Murder in Miami:  An analysis of homicide patterns and trends in Dade County (Miami) Florida, 1917-1983
William Wilbanks
© 1984  MD: University Press of America

No more secrets:  Violence in lesbian relationships
Janice L Ristock; Janice L. Ristock
© 2002  Routledge

Patterns in criminal homicide
Marvin E. Wolfgang; Marvin Wolfgang
© 1975  Patterson Smith Publishing

Profiling violent crimes:  An investigative tool
Ronald M Holmes; Stephen T Holmes; Ronald M. Holmes; Stephen T. Holmes
© 2002  Sage Publishing

Psychiatric aspects on violence: Understanding causes and issues in prevention and treatment.
Bell, Carl C. (ed).
© 2000  Jossey-Bass

Readings in contemporary criminology
Stephen Schafer
© 1976  Reston Publishing

Same-sex domestic violence:  Strategies for change
Sandra E Lundy; Beth Leventhal; Sandra Lundy
© 1999  Sage Publications

Sapphic slashers:  Sex, violence, and American modernity
Lisa Duggan
© 2000  Duke University Press

Seductions of crime:  Moral and sensual attractions in doing evil
Jack Katz; Jack L. Katz
© 1988  Basic Books

Serial murderers and their victims
Eric W Hickey; Eric W. Hickey
© 1997  Wadsworth Publishing

Sex crimes
Ronald M Holmes; Ronald M. Holmes
© 1991  Sage Publications

Sex crimes:  patterns and behavior
Ronald M Holmes; Stephen T Holmes; Ronald M. Holmes; Stephen T. Holmes
© 2001  Sage Publications

Spatial aspects of crimeTheory and practice
Derek J Paulsen; Matthew B Robinson; Derek J. Paulsen; Matthew B. Robinson
© 2004  Allyn and Bacon

Spitz and Fisher’s medicolegal investigation of death:  Guidelines for the application of pathology to crime investigation
Werner U., 1926- Spitz; Werner U. Spitz
© 1993  Charles C. Thomas

Stranger violence: A theoretical inquiry
Marc Riedel
© 1993  Garland Publishing

Study guide for criminology
Larry J. Siegel;  Alex Alvarez
© 2000  Wadsworth Publishing

Studying and preventing homicide:  Issues and challenges
M. Dwayne Smith; Margaret A Zahn; Margaret A. Zahn
© 1999  Sage Publications

Suicide: A study in sociology
Emile Durkheim; George Simpson; John A. Spaulding
© 1966  Free Press

Superpredators:  The demonization of our children by the law
Peter T Elikann; Peter T. Elikann; Marc Klaas
© 1999 Insight Books

The anatomy of human destructiveness
Erich Fromm
© 1973 Holt

The armed robbery orgasm:  A lovemap autobiography of masochism
Ronald W Keyes; Ronald W. Keyes; Ronald M. Keyes; John William Money; John Money
© 1993  Prometheus Books

The Atlanta youth murders and the politics of race
Bernard Headley
© 2000  Southern Illinois Univ Press

The currents of lethal violence:  An integrated model of suicide and homicide
N. Prabha Unnithan
© 1994  N.Y. : State University of New York Press

The encyclopedia of serial killers
Michael Newton
© 2000  Facts on File

The gang:  A study of 1,313 gangs in Chicago
Frederic Milton Thrasher; Frederic M. Thrasher
© 2000  New Chicago School Press

The police in the community:  Strategies for the 21st century
Linda S Miller; Karen M., 1939- Hess; Linda S. Miller; Karen M. Hess
© 1998  West/Wadsworth

The roots of evil:  The origins of genocide and other group violence
Ervin Staub
© 1989  Cambridge University Press

The sexual criminal:  A psychoanalytical study
J De River; Brian King; J. Paul De River
© 2000  Calif.: Bloat

The social reality of violence and violent crime
Henry H Brownstein; Henry H. Brownstein
© 2000  Allyn and Bacon

The will to kill:  Making sense of senseless murder
James Alan Fox; Jack Levin
© 2001  Allyn and Bacon

Understanding domestic homicide
Neil Websdale; Neil Websdule
© 1999  Northeastern University Press

Understanding human behavior for effective police work
Harold E Russell; Allan Beigel; Harold E. Russell
© 1990: Basic Books

Using murder:  The social construction of serial homicide
Philip Jenkins
© 1994  A. de Gruyter

Victimology at the transition from the 20th to the 21st Century: Essays in honor of Hans Joachim Schneider
Gerd Ferdinand Kirchhoff; Paul C. Friday
© 2000  Shaker Verlag

Victims of crime
Robert C. (Robert Carl) Davis; Wesley G Skogan; Wesley G. Skogan; Arthur J. Lurigio; Robert C. Davis
© 1997  Sage Publications

Violence and social injustice against Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people
Lacey M. Sloan; Nora S. Gustavsson; Lacey M., Ph.D. Sloan; Nora Gustavsson
© 2000  Haworth Press

Violent deaths in the United States:  An epidemiologic study of suicide, homicide, and accidents
Paul C Holinger; Paul C. Holinger
© 1987  Guilford Press

Warriors and peacemakers:  How third parties shape violence
Mark Cooney
© 1998  New York University Press

When men kill:  Scenarios of masculine violence
Kenneth Polk
© 1994  Cambridge University Press

Why women are beaten and killed: Sociological predictors of femicide.
Della Giustina, Jo-Ann
© 2010  Edwin Mellen Press

When women kill
Coramae Richey Mann
© 1996  State University of New York Press

Young killers:  The challenge of juvenile homicide
Kathleen M Heide; Kathleen M. Heide
© 1999  Sage Publications

Youth violence
Michael D. Biskup; Charles P. Cozic
© 1992  Greenhaven Press


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