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The Homicide Tracker is a user-friendly, out-of-the-box, Microsoft Access database application designed to help Law Enforcement Agents efficiently and simply manage homicide data. Homicide Tracker is equipped with predefined tables, forms and reports allowing you to easily enter, find, filter, and transform data. In addition, the Homicide Tracker can be used from virtually any workstation or laptop. For agencies in search of a system to better track homicide cases, Homicide Tracker offers a viable, multi-user, customizable solution.

Homicide Tracker arrives with nearly 300 predefined fields to enter homicide case information. Unique fields specific to your agency may be added to better serve your Homicide Division. Homicide Tracker organizes it’s fields into different tables that allows you to instantly access, sort, and find information on a specific case or related data set. These predefined tables include: victim information, date, location, victimology, weapon, crime scene, theft, relationship, situation, narrative, offender, solvability, impact, and source records.

With Homicide Tracker, manipulation and reporting on data has been made simple. Pre-defined reports to help you get started quickly. A powerful Query feature allows you to filter data by multiple fields. In addition, an easy to use report writer allows you to create customized tabular and summary reports.

Data from Homicide Tracker may also be exported to several software applications, including Mirosoft® Excel, to import into IBM® SPSS® or similar software for more in-depth analysis of homicides.

Developed using Microsoft® Access software, Homicide Tracker has a number of security features that protect the database and the objects contained within. These security features include encryption of database, database passwords and user-level security, all which are available using the software’s Security Wizard.

For more information about Homicide Tracker, please contact Dallas Drake via email.


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