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The Center for Homicide Research uses a technical advisory panel to help guide its principal investigator. The Advisory Panel provides an external reference point for the Center and advises staff on matters regarding the scientific process of researching lethal violence. The Panel also informs the Principal Researcher regarding policy and practice affecting the prevention of homicide. In particular, the Panel advises the Center on major projects, organizational development, matters of scholarship, professional standards, ethical issues, crime policy, legislation and other external influences as requested. The Advisory Panel is also a sounding board for issues relating to the research agenda, scientific methods, data access, organizational growth, development, and funding.

Panel members are appointed by the Principal Researcher of the Center for Homicide Research. Panel members normally serve two-year terms. Members are homicide researchers from major U.S. educational institutions. Panelist represent diverse disciplines within the study of criminology and homicide. The current Advisory Panel consists of:

  • Candice Batton, Ph.D. – Associate Professor
    School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
    University of Nebraska at Omaha
    Omaha, NE
  • Lin Huff-Corzine, Ph.D. – Professor
    Department of Sociology
    University of Central Florida
    Orlando, Florida
  • Wendy Regoeczi, Ph.D. – Director of the Criminology Research Center
    Cleveland State University
    Cleveland, Ohio
  • C. Gabrielle Salfati, PhD – Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    New York, New York
  • Roger B. Trent, Ph.D. – Research Scientist Supervisor II
    California Department of Public Health
    University of California Davis
    Davis, California
  • Kimberly A. Vogt, Ph.D. – Chair
    Department of Sociology and Archaeology
    University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
    La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Gregory Weaver, Ph.D. – Professor
    Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
    Auburn University
    Auburn, Alabama

Recognition of Past Service:

  • Gary Jensen, Ph.D. – Retired Chair
    Department of Sociology
    Vanderbilt University
    Nashville, Tennessee
  • Vance McLaughlin, Ph.D. – Retired Professor
    Department of Criminal Justice
    Jacksonville State University
    Jacksonville, Alabama
  • Thomas Petee, Ph.D. – Former Interim Chair
    Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Auburn University
    Auburn, Alabama
  • Marc Riedel, Ph.D. – Professor (deceased)
    Sociology & Criminal Justice
    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Hammond, Louisiana

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