Homicide Center

A unique, volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization
addressing the issue of homicide in our communities.
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A volunteer Board of Directors leads the Center for Homicide Research. The Center’s only paid staff is a part-time senior researcher. The Center also works closely with a group of academic advisers and a network of peer professionals who offer advice, perspective and resources. The board is seeking to expand again now that the impacts of Covid-19 are receding. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to the Executive Director at dallas.drake@homicidecenter.org.

The Board of Directors currently consists of the following people:

In recognition of past service:

  • Joe Shulka, Co-Founder and Past President
  • Jon Mikolajczak, Member – Charter Member
  • Wallace Swan, Member
  • Brandon Wheeler, Member
  • Jodi Kurtz, Member
  • Phillip Miner, Member
  • William Dooley, Jr., Member
  • Bethany Hurd, President
  • Jeff Mathwig, Member
  • Ron Brunk-Parker, Treasurer

The Center for Homicide Research offers one of the finest internship programs in the United States. Distanced-based electronic internships begin in Fall of 2020. Qualifying students come from undergraduate, graduate and law schools.

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