Homicide Research Internship

General Homicide Research Internship

Center for Homicide Research interns are researching, identifying, cataloging and coding case information on homicides in the United States for various research projects.  The Center currently is creating several unique databases related to homicide, including:

  • development of a database of homicide prevention strategies
  • the most complete dataset on LGBT homicide in the nation, containing over 3,300 cases with an excess of 600 variables
  • missing victim homicides (includes: burned bodies, submerged vehicles, body dismemberments)
  • church-related homicides (mass murder) from the last two decades
  • lesbian homicides over the last few decades
  • execution-style homicides to establish a uniform definition
  • homicide of all types in Minnesota, Upper Midwest states, and the entire United States

Interns are trained in the Center’s research methodologies, provided access to electronic records archives and systems, and are charged with proofing the homicide case data. Records retrieval, data access, and research occurs in Minnesota (primarily in the Twin Cities), but there also exists the possibility of off-site distanced-learning research.

Center interns are also expected to pursue scholarly activities while involved in their internship.  Interns assist in the development of research briefs, fact sheets, annotated bibliographies, and develop educational presentations on topics related to aggression, violence, and homicide. Interns receive in-depth training to include the highly stigmatized topics of death, murder and its associated crimes, and its intersection with deviant sexuality.


  • Must support Center for Homicide Research’s mission
  • Must possess ability to use internet for research
  • Must possess good interpersonal communication and writing skills
  • Must, following an interview, pass a criminal background check, including no felony or violent convictions
  • Must be able to protect confidential and sensitive data


Intern must commit to at least 5-10 hours of work per week. Scheduling is flexible including normal business hours Monday through Friday.

The total number of hours required to complete the internship is 160. These hours can be spread out to total 6-15 hours per week, however the internship should be completed within 6 months. Summer interns often work full or half-time, accumulating upwards of 400 hours. Students can stay for up to two years.

Internship Application Information:

To apply, please click here to be taken to the application form.  Also email your resume and cover letter to the Principal Researcher at: dallas.drake@homicidecenter.org.  Interviews will be scheduled with qualified applicants.

Anyone interested in learning more about interning is encouraged to contact Dallas Drake via e-mail (dallas.drake@homicidecenter.org).