LGBT Pride Month

June is LGBT Pride Month, across Minnesota and the country communities are celebrating advancements toward achieving LGBT equality and working to put aside discriminatory practices toward LGBT people. Join us in observing LGBT Pride Month; learn more about LGBT homicide research, visit the Center at the Twin Cities Pride Festival and support all our important research and services.

As in all struggles, there are still attacks on LGBT people daily, whether political, verbal, or physical. The Center focuses on what is often the most extreme form of these attacks – homicide.

Over the last three decades, thousands of LGBT people have been murdered in the U.S. Because homicides involving LGBT people are not understood, even among law enforcement, many cases remain unsolved.

The Center for Homicide Research was the first research institution to thoroughly study LGBT homicides and paint a more complete picture of the unique nature of LGBT homicide. Over 12 years later the Center is now a respected leader not only on LGBT homicide but also other under-represented areas of homicide in marginalized communities.