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New Partnership Expands GLBT Homicide Research into Washington DC

A landmark collaboration is underway involving unsolved homicide of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender victims in Washington DC. This project will give CHR researchers unique access to police records involving unsolved GLBT homicides in our nation’s capital city. A major goal of the study is to develop new strategies for law enforcement to increase their clearance and solvability rate of homicide cases.

The Center is providing several components including the methodology design, training and analysis. The Metropolitan Washington DC Police Department (MPD) Major Case/Cold Case Unit will identify homicides and provide case files, as well as office space and direct supervision of the data processors. Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia is providing graduate students in forensic psychology to analyze and code the cases as volunteers.

Approximately 125 unsolved GLBT cold case homicides have been identified by MPD detectives for inclusion in this project.


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