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Scholarships Awarded to Seven Center Students

The University of Minnesota held its annual Recognition Reception on May 14th at Coffman Union. This reception is to distinguish students who have received internships through the Community Engagement Scholars Program. Seven students were Center for Homicide Research interns, who over the last year, have each received the $1,500 intern scholarship award. This award is only for University of Minnesota students and helps defray the cost of having an internship because having an internship often limits the time for outside employment. Receiving the award for the Center were: Sarah Lease, Dani Rae Gorman, Maria Kamenska, Emily Schulz, and Stephen Kaminsky, Lauren Schrader, and Lindsay Blahnik. The Center recognizes these students for their exceptional contribution to the mission of the Center. All students participated in special projects during the course of the internship. Congratulations scholarship recipients!


The Center for Homicide Research offers one of the finest internship programs in the United States. Distanced-based electronic internships begin in Fall of 2020. Qualifying students come from undergraduate, graduate and law schools.

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