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Native American Historical Homicide Project

Our Center for Homicide Research was very fortunate to receive a $5,000 grant in late 2015 from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures) for a new study investigating the relationship between homicide of Native Americans between 1850 and 1930 and food access in Minnesota.

Student researchers from the Summer Research Institute worked tirelessly on this project from June-August 2016. Keys aspects included searching many county historical centers including the Minnesota History Center and Hennepin County Library Special Collections. Researchers also taped oral interviews, surveyed the Twin Cities Pride Festival, and attended Native ceremonies. Research staff attended and staffed booths at the First Annual Gii-Ishkonigewag Powwow in McGreggor, Minnesota, and later the 50th Annual Iskigamizigan Powwow in Onamia on the edge of Lake Mille Lacs, Minnesota.

More will be presented on this wonderful project as it becomes available.

Shown in the picture are the project’s researchers, who tirelessly and respectfully carried out a very difficult project.

We appreciate the donation of every one of our supporters. This gift will go a long way to ensure our mission.


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