Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook

By: Dallas S. Drake

In a book released in 2017, Joan Swart and Lee Mellor have produced: Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook. Chapter 14 was authored by CHR senior researcher Dallas Drake and is called “Intra-psychic Motivations in Stranger Homicides Involving Gay or Bisexual Males.” This chapter first lays the groundwork for sexual homicide of gay or bisexual males. It then offers two in-depth case studies of gay homicide victims Leslie Benscoter of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Earl Craig, Jr. of Minneapolis. This is a must-read for investigators or anyone interested in better understanding the motivations of people who kill gay or bisexual men.

According to World-Cat, thi book is already available in at least 99 libraries across the United States.

To access the book, click here.